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Braggdisc's now play from the Disc AND from the web through our Webplayers! now hand a BraggDisc to local contacts or email prospects from specially formated emails to anywhere in the world for instant viewing!!

BraggDisc now has users in India, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, The UK, France, Canada, Mexico and of course the entire U.S. market!

BraggDisc currently supplies both generic presentations and Corporate training, product and recruiting videos for Herbalife, MonaVie, Nuverus, Efusjon and many smaller companies including the Mortgage, Insurance and securities industry.

Why BraggDisc®?

BraggDisc offers an affordable & feature rich platform to deliver your sales or recruiting message. With the BraggDisc sales system you get instant feedback when your sales or recruiting presentation is viewed, as well as analytical data, such as view time, duration of view, which buttons were pressed, Any form information you would like gathered i.e name, phone, email etc.

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BraggDisc® Technology
Always up to date, your disc content is dynamically generated every time it's played! Forget about business cards...

Instant Feedback
Anywhere, anytime, every time, as soon as your presentation is viewed, you know with BraggAlerts™.

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